History of Stonedge Fellowship

The Stone Edge Nonconformist community worshipped in a chapel on the Darley Dale Road from around 1864.

After only 22 years it closed and the members, for the most part quarrymen and farmers, saw the urgent need to build a new place of worship.

A meeting was held at Rock House, the home of Cornelius Dronfield and after seeking God's will in prayer it was decided to step out in faith.

The site at Spitewinter was purchased on 5th June 1886 for £6.10s the trustees being;- Cornelius Dronfield, James Bown, John Knowles,Joseph Rains, Charles Dronfield, Emelyn Dronfield, William White, George Johnson and Isaac Rains.

On 24th October 1886 the church was officially opened at a cost of £166. 0s. 3d., with only 12 members this was a remarkable achievement.

In 1899 the church was used as a day school for local children under 10 and Miss Elizabeth Hardy taught alone for 25 years.

The Sunday School extension was added in 1967 and the kitchen extension in he early 1990's.

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